If hot dogs were free

If hotdogs were free the sale of mustard would skyrocket.

If gasoline were free the sales of cars (big, gas-guzzling cars made out of real metal) would reach new highs and the travel industry would boom like never before.

Company execs know and use this principle all the time.

For example, Google (actually, the name of the company is Alphabet Inc.) became one of the largest and most influential companies in the world by developing the most powerful search engine in existence and letting us use it for free.  Of course, they are constantly tracking our use and selling ad space to the rest of the companies in the world who are trying to get us to buy stuff that is not free.

Groceries stores use a version of this by have weekly “specials” which they sell at a loss in order to lure you into the store and buy Oreos, chips, and, of course, your favorite “diet” drink.

The point?

The ONE THING for today:

Never underestimate the benefit of doing something for free; that is often where you get your greatest return in life.

Photo by call me hangry 🇫🇷 on Unsplash

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