Scum & Froth

People notice scum when it boils up and are immediately repulsed, but froth is less obvious.  Froth can be deceptive.  It looks so good and can even be tasty. 

Coffee companies know this and charge us outrageous prices for a half cup of coffee (with a fancy name), topped off with froth with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top. 

Froth is not bad, per se.  But it is mostly window dressing with little to no nutritional value.

People can be the same way. 

“Scummy” people are quick to stand out and we know to avoid them. 

But “frothy” people can be just as dangerous. 

Frothy people are can look good, but they have no substance.  They are shallow thinkers, flitting from the latest to the next latest, aimless, following the path of least resistance, going nowhere except to the next place that promises a good time. 

On the surface, “frothy friends” may appear harmless, but in the end, you will discover you are getting far less from their friendship than you bargained for.

 The ONE THING for today:

Invariably we become like the people we associate with; thus it behooves the wise person to be friendly to all, but to have high standards for those they actually call “friend.”  

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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