Jessica Even Appreciation Day, Part 5

Special appreciation greetings from David/Sonja Kemp
Administrative Bishop, 2018-

To know of the Church of God in the North Central Region (North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana) is know of Jessica Even.

Jessica has served this Region since 2003 as Administrative Assistant to the Regional Bishop and as Treasurer.

She has done this with a level expertise and excellence that is unprecedented.

In grateful appreciation for the tremendous contribution she is making to all our lives, I have designated today “Jessica Even Appreciation Day.” I invite you to join me in taking a journey down memory lane as we remember this great lady through the eyes of those who have worked the closest with her.

As you do, I hope that you will recall special memories that involved the influence of Jessica’s touch in your life as well and that you will be reminded of the special family of faith you have in the great North Central Region!

One thought on “Jessica Even Appreciation Day, Part 5

  1. Jessica, to see your face at all the regional events, to hear your voice when I call the regional office, is to know “All is Well,”. Because I know you have everything under control. 😊. You are a Gift of God, Treasured Blessing to All. Thank You!

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