More on that lesson at the woodshed…

Yesterday I recounted a painful lesson I learned by being taken out to the woodshed. 

In the interest of not boring you and not reliving that painful event, I’ll skip repeating the story and get right to another lesson I learned…

Keep up with the promises you make!

If you will remember, I mentioned that I made a promise in a “sidebar conversation”.  In other words, it was a promise during a casual conversation at a social event. 

To me, we were just making conversation, but to the person I was talking too, I had made a promise. Not only that, I was his pastor, and in his mind, pastors are supposed to keep their word no matter the context or occasion.  (He was right by the way!)

The ONE THING for today: The question is not can you keep your promise; the question is, did you say you would?  If you did, then all the excuses in the world will not substitute for not keeping your promise.

Broken Promises
Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

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