One is the loneliest number you’ll ever do

While they hardly qualify as Sunday School teachers, the early ‘70’s rock band, Three Dog Night, had it right when they sang, “One is the loneliest number you’ll ever do.”

Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

I suppose “Lone Rangers” are needed.  We call them adventurers, explorers, inventors, and such.  But don’t confuse them with leaders.  Leaders don’t live alone, work alone, or make decisions alone.  Leaders do not have that luxury, for to lead is to gather others together and achieve something meaningful…together. 

Lone Rangers are quick to say, “I decided.” “I went.” “I conquered.”

Leaders are not satisfied until they hear, “We decided.” “We went.” and “We did it!” 

And for those who serve in the church world, what’s wrong with, “God told us.”

The ONE THING for today: If you dare to lead, include others when making decisions and plans.  It’s tougher and more complicated, but, then it’s not nearly as lonely and it sure makes a bigger difference. 

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

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