Your turn

On the one hand, one of the most important disciplines to learn in life is the discipline of waiting your turn. 

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Isn’t it tough; this thing called waiting?

But there is another important discipline that we seldom hear about, but which is as equally important and that is…

…It’s important to know when your turn is over.

Ever been frustrated waiting for a table at your favorite restaurant while a group sitting at a table lingered long after they had finished their meal.  Didn’t you want to walk up to them and remind them that their turn was over?  (I’m guessing you were probably going to say it a little differently than that!)

Ever wanted to gently drop the hint to a long in the tooth guy or gal who was trying desperately to hang on to their youth, “Hey friend, your turn is over!” 

I had to learn this as a grandparent.  Being a grandparent is great, but it must never be confused with being a parent.  I had my turn; it is now my children’s turn.

I had to learn this as a pastor when I left a church.  I had my turn, it’s the new pastor’s turn now.

The world is full of hanger-oners who can’t let go, move on, and get out of the way. 

 It really takes a wise, secure, and mature person to know when their turn is over. 

But when it happens, everyone wins.

The ONE THING for today: What do you do when your turn is over?  You set it up for the new gal or guy, welcome them, celebrate them, help them, and walk away into your brand new “It’s now your turn.”

Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash

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