Making Good Decisions is like being a Brain Surgeon

I wish it were different…

…but in the same way a brain surgeon, trying to save the life of a person with a brain tumor, has to shave the patient’s head, drill/saw a hole in their skull (yikes), and then probe through the folds of their brain to finally get to the life-threatening tumor…

…so it is with trying to make and implement a good decision. 

Making a decision is never just about gathering the pertinent facts and then making a wise and rational decision.

I wish it were that simple!

But the truth is…

Long before you tabulate the facts and spit out that rational solution, you must first factor in all the opinions, emotions, and agendas in the room (perceived reality) and then you determine how to apply the facts.  

Of course, eventually the truth will win the day, but if you fail to take into account the opinions, emotions, and underlying agendas of those involved in your decision, you may not be there to enjoy it. 

The ONE THING for today: When making decisions, don’t start with the facts! First, like a skilled brain surgeon, work through all the opinions and underlying emotions and agendas in the room and then, use the scalpel of truth to cut to the chase and make a good decision.

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

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