I hate to lose!

One of the worse things you can do is expect to live in a perfect world.

I can hear you say, “Duh! Of course the world’s not perfect.”

Yeah, but your actions can give you away.

Think of all the times you’ve wasted precious time and resources fretting over some snarky thing someone said to you or about you.

Then there’s the petty jockeying for position and preeminence in things that really don’t matter now, moreless at the end of your life.

There’s been really good research on this. We hate to lose. It’s called loss aversion. The research shows that the pain we experience from losing is far more potent than the joy we experience in winning or gaining something.

So, to escape this pain we try our best to live in a perfect world where we always win and everything always works the way it should, and we are always first in line and there’s always a parking space waiting for us near the door and everyone loves us, smiles at us, and treats us like we’re the best thing since sliced bread.

Get over it!

I’m not even sure Heaven will be that syrupy.

The ONE THING for today: Cut your losses quickly or they will cut you deeply.

As one wise sage told me years ago, “When somebody upsets your apple cart just say, ‘Fido!’ (Forget It and Drive On.)”

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