Do nothing on purpose

Its important to factor in doing nothing on purpose…

“Fuel” runs out.

You are not a fabled perpetual motion machine that can create enough energy by itself that no addition fuel is required.

For the most part, life’s a dead heat race to the finish line. The pace of life is so fast, and the competition is so good, that the early bird has to be even earlier, and even then he doesn’t always get the worm.

I get it.

But still, you need to be still.

What good will it do you if you win the race and there’s no one there waiting on you because you ran right by the relationships that matter?

What good will it do you if you win the race and you’re too worn, brokened and finished to enjoy the finish?

The ONE THING for today: In every great endeavor and in every step along the way, there will be times when the wisest thing you can do is to do nothing on purpose.

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