Nails in the wall

Perhaps you’ve read the Polish proverb which states, “A guest sticks a nail in the wall even if he stays but one night.”

This is a proverb that points to the reality that our interaction with people leave an imprint on our lives.

Right now, I’m guessing there are no guests in your home; it’s just you and your family.

But the proverb remains true…

In the years to come, your family will talk about this event. The days you are spending together and the memories you are sharing (both good and bad) will become a part of the folklore of your family for generations to come.

The way you are conducting yourself will be the template your children draw upon in years to come when they face their once-in-a-lifetime challenges and events.

The ONE THING for today: If there’s ever been a time for you to be on your best behavior it is now. Give those you love the most your best effort.

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