Regularity, regularity, regularity…

Author Robert V. Remini, records in his biography of John Quincy Adams, that late in life Mr. Quincy was asked how he had survived the many disappointments, tragedies and challenges of his long and distinguished life.

Mr. Adams responded with three words: “Regularity, regularity, regularity.”

He explained, “The regular activity of body and mind guided by self-discipline and Christian prayer, he declared, helped him overcome depressions and frustrations, the unavoidable and inevitable components of life.”

That is good advice for today.

It may have to be a new “norm”, but set your clock, get up, dress up, and prepare your “to-do” list and get going.

We were not made vegetables. We were made as sentient beings with freewill and the ability to make choices.

The ONE THING for today: Choose to live each day as if it matters…and amazingly, it will.

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