Meeting needs | Planting seeds

Seasons of crisis reveal the real needs.

By now you’ve probably identified some truly needy people out there who you want to help.

I applaud you for this.

However, I’d like to share with you one of my rules for helping people…

Rule #11: When helping people, you can meet needs or you can plants seeds. Do both, but give your best to planting seeds.

Let me explain…

  • “Meeting needs” is helping someone who will be back at your door tomorrow asking for help again.
  • “Planting seeds” is investing in someone who, with a little help, will become a contributor themselves.

The ONE THING for today: While helping the needy is very important and required, don’t forget to invest in those people, ministries, and worthy causes, who, with a little help during these tough, will come back stronger than ever before.

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