Toilet paper millionaires

Where’s the toilet paper millionaires?

Why didn’t someone corner the market and be ready for this?

What about you?

This time last month, did you load up on a year’s supply of toilet paper?


Neither did I.

You know why?

We had no idea that in a few weeks we’d be dealing with a global pandemic and that our fellow citizens would respond by buying every available roll of toilet tissue that existed in the entire universe. (Go figure!)

So if you didn’t know enough about the future a month ago to even buy extra toilet paper, why are you sitting around worrying about what might happen next month?

God only knows what is going to happen a month from now. But he’s left you in charge of your today.

You will not worry yourself into a better future.

Worry if you must, but let your worry be the fuel that gets you up and doing something positive and productive.

But the best way to overcome your worries and fears, and the best way to be prepared, is to be amazing now. Jump in and live today. Give your best, do your best, be your best.

Let wisdom guide you, not worry.

Make one wise decision at a time–today, and then the next day and then…

And you will discovered that you have resolved a lot of the potential issues that you were worrying about and others that you didn’t even know were coming.

The ONE THING for today: I don’t have a recipe for becoming an instant millionaire, but I do know there are a lot dividends available for those who will invest wisely in their todays.

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