Weakened, but not finished.

Don’t confuse being weakened with being weak.

The fact that you are feeling weakened is a positive indicator that you are strong or at least working at getting that way.

The weak person is the person who takes the easy way. They’re the ones making excuses, they know nothing of struggle, exertion, and exhaustion.

Are you weakened today?

That’s okay.

Being weakened is just a sign that you’ve dared to not be a victim and, instead, have chosen to be a victor. That doesn’t happen overnight and the long hard slog is exhausting. So, take time to regroup, refresh, and restore, and then get back in the race.

The ONE THING for today: Being weak and being weakened are not the same. Just because you’re weary and worn doesn’t mean you’re finished; it just means you need to pause on your way to victory.

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