When you have a legitimate complaint.

If you don’t have a complaint, you’re probably dead.

Life gives us plenty of reasons to have a complaint.

I know, and so do you, that many of our complaints are petty, selfish, and deal more with taste and preference than anything.

But there are, on occasions, real, legitimate complaints.

What should you do about it?

Well, there’s a couple things…

  • Principle #1: There is a difference between complaining to someone (often justified) and complaining about someone (seldom justified).
  • Principle #2: When complaining to someone, make sure it is the person that can and should do something about your legitimate complaint. Otherwise, you’re just dumping on someone (probably a friend) and they have enough on them already without having to deal with your issues. (Sidenote: and whatever you do, don’t stir the pot by putting it on social media!)

And for extra credit…

  • Principle #3: After you’ve presented your case to the person who could and should do something about it, drop it. They either will or won’t deal with it. Either way, you’ve got to get on with your life and there’s no need dragging along baggage that will slow you down.

The ONE THING for today: Life often comes with legitimate complaints. It’s how we handle those complaints that make all the difference.

See the link below for more information on wise complaining

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