What is it right now?

You will not always be in the season you are currently in.

Right now…the season you’re currently in, in the big scheme of things may or may not be your finest hour. Your greatest days may be ahead of you or behind you (and that’s okay).


Either way you all you know for certain is that you’ve got right now.

By all means, don’t lose sight of your hopes and dreams. And you mustn’t stop cherishing the precious memories of yesteryear, but what about right now?

What is the one thing you can do right now, in this season of your life, to make the biggest difference? To not answer this question is to waste an entire season of your life.

Don’t allow that to happen!

What is it right now that you should be doing to make the biggest difference?

What are the opportunities you have right now that you will not have later?

What could you do right now that you have no promise you will be able to do later?

What are the now or never situations that are staring at you?

The ONE THING for today: Stop pining for what you once had. Carry lightly your hopes for a better someday and marshal your best efforts, resources and attention on the right now opportunities of this season of your life.

That is the best way to live your whole life well.

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