Do it once

What if you lived in the twilight darkness of moonlight 364 days out of the year?

But suppose one day a year (let’s say on your birthday) the sun rose and you were able to spend twenty-four hours bathed in beautiful sunlight before the moon rose again for another 364 days of twilight!

Do you think it would be a big deal?

Do you think you’d look out the window? Go outside? Smile? Take pictures? Talk about it? Remember it? Value it? Treasure it?

The ONE THING for today: The trouble with predictability is…well, its so predictable. Excellence, hard work, and commitment can get lost in predictability. Find ways to make what you do (even the everyday stuff) stand out. Create limited editions. Create rarity. Create a memory for someone. “Cook with your own private seasoning.” Do it once and let them know it will only be this once.

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