Don’t stop too soon

If you’ve been tracking with me for awhile you will know that three of my axioms for life are:

  • “Think trajectory.”
  • “Improvement today, perfection tomorrow.”
  • “Run to win.”

They are each grounded in the fact that we will not accomplish everything we want to accomplish everyday. The goal is to be heading in the right direction. The goal is to strive to improve and make progress everyday.

However, it is important to not forget that the ultimate goal is to eventually get there.

Don’t become so obsessed with making progress and heading in the right direction that you fail to actually get there.

The ONE THING for today: Eventually, having consistently improved and having consistently headed in the right direction is not enough. Not only do you need to “Run to Win”…you actually need to win.

Or to put it another way, the reason something is achieved, is not because you tried real hard and were very sincere. The reason something is achieved is that you actually achieved it.

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