Be careful with those rules!

A few rules are necessary, but they are extremely dangerous and must only be referred to or added to as a last resort.

It’s important to realize what you’re doing when you invoke a rule that must be obeyed and observed:

  1. First, you are taking away all other choices for how something can be done, thus stifling creativity and innovation. 
  2. Second, you are ending conversations (“Because the rule said so.”)

So, unless you’ve heard from on high that your way is the absolutely infallible and perfect way of doing something, and unless you have arrived at the perfect answer and have obtained all wisdom and understanding, be extremely careful about invoking rules!

The ONE THING for today: Like the guardrails at the top of the Empire State building, use rules to save lives and protect the ultimate objective.

Having a bunch of rules for all the stuff in the middle will only get in the way. 

Bottom line, keep your rule book simple and short.    

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