The one other thing

Most people give “the one other thing” very little thought. 

It may the college student who is actively involved in getting their degree but who also hopes to get married someday.

It may be a star employee who is highly respected and successful but who also can see themselves actually running the company (or their own company) someday.

It could be a world class stay-at-home mom who loves what she is doing but also has a dream of owning her own coffee shop someday.

It could be dozens of “one other things.”

But here’s the point: While staying fully focused on being your best and giving your best at what you’re doing now, don’t forget to be intentional about that other thing that you could see yourself doing someday; your life is too precious to leave it all to chance.

The ONE THING for today: While keeping the main thing the main thing, don’t lose sight of the one other thing that inspires you and motivates you.  It’s the intentional investments in that one other thing that often brings the greatest return over a lifetime.

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