It’s too much

You can’t afford to be indiscriminate with all the options available to you.

Don’t confuse learning something with gaining wisdom.  You’re involved in real life, not trivial pursuit. 

And don’t confuse exciting activity with meaningful experiences.  Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean it matters.

There must be a worthy reason for you to click that link, download that app or sign-up for that “free _________.”   Just because you can doesn’t mean you should and just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you must. 

Whatever it is you are thinking about doing today should only be done if it matters and it only matters if it is connected to your mission and purpose in life.

Indiscriminately stuffing yourself on the vast buffet of available options may fill up your days, but it will also shorten them.

The ONE THING for today: Be purposeful today.  Do what you do for a worthy reason and know when to stop.  Sometimes the wisest thing you can do is to power down and be still and be silent.  

Recently Sonja and I were hiking in the Badlands of ND. It was almost overwhelming to experience the thundering sound of silence and the vastness of the open prairies. No sign or sound of civilization–how refreshing.

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