Should you treat your headache?

When I refer to headaches, I am not referring to those people who suffer, sometimes greatly, with literal headaches. (My heart goes out to them!)

I referring to the headaches we all have; those “other headaches”…the headaches with a name.

A person can be a “headache”.

A problem can be a “headache”.

A chore or task can be a “headache”.

A pile of paperwork or a full inbox of emails can be a “headache”.

There’s a lot of potential headaches out there, and truth be known they ache!

But will feeling better make things better?

Don’t allow your “headaches” to set your agenda.  Stay focused on making things better.

Sometimes the best cure for a “headache” is a promotion—either for you or your “headache” and that only happens when your organization wins, not because you temporarily feel better. 

The ONE THING for today: The question is not, “How can I feel better?” but rather, “How can I make things better?”

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