Root canals don’t last forever

When a problem comes your way, if your default is to look for an escape route, just know that you are sabotaging your life.

The answer to your problems and difficulties is seldom running away, it is solving the problem.

This will require growth on your part.

And the good news is that grow doesn’t require a big budget, advanced education, and connections in high places. All it requires is determined grit that says, “I will not quit.”

I compare these difficult seasons to getting a root canal; you just have to stay in the chair and endure the process. But when you come through, you will be better. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Either God has a plan for your life or he hasn’t. Once you’ve settled that question, don’t look back. And something I’ve learned that can give you hope is…

The ONE THING for today: Root canals don’t last forever.

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