What are you hoping for today?

Don’t limit hope to just a feeling (“I hope things work out.”).

Hope is much more than a feeling, it is something you do, something you commit yourself to achieve.

A good question to ask yourself each day is: “What am I hoping for today?”

Once you’ve clearly answered that question, then commit yourself to taking actions toward making your hope come true.

String together several of those kind of hopeful days (weeks, months, and years) and you’ve ended up doing something with your life that truly matters.

The ONE THING for today: Hope is looking at how things are and seeing how they could be and then doing something about it.

This painting is called “Hope in a Prison of Despair” by Evelyn De Morgan (1855-1919) and reminds us that, no matter how dark and grim life may become, the light of hope is there.

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