Church Discipline, now extinct

“Church Discipline” along with the Dodo bird, the Bluebuck, and the Desert rat-kangaroo is pretty much extinct.

By “Church discipline” I mean having a genuine care and concern for a fellow-believer that is willing, because of a strong mutual love for each other, to call them out when there is harmful and a potential fatal sin in their lives.

This virtual extinction of Church discipline is due to misplaced priorities.

Jesus said, “Love one another and by this will all unbelievers know you are Christians.”

But we have made growing the numbers the goal.  So, we don’t have dearly loved brothers and sisters to whom we say, “We’re going to heaven together, no matter what.”

Now we just have customers who we try to keep happy and walking through our doors.

And of course everybody knows you never rebuke or discipline a customer, for the customer is always right.

Even when they’re wrong.

And even when they’re lost.

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