Hold it there buddy, don’t be taking that responsibility!

Often we hear the challenge to “take responsibility.”

But I’d like to put a little different spin on things.

If you have to take responsibility leave it alone. Perhaps they are not doing it as good as you could but at least they’re being responsible. Why take it?

Instead, pick up responsibility.

There’s all kinds of opportunities where responsibility is lacking. Opportunity to make a difference is just laying there for the taking…take it!

Pick up the slack, grab the fraying reins and try to bring some order and sanity to the situation. Love where no one is loving, care where no one is caring, extend a hand where there is no hand.

Leave the easy stuff for the young, weak, and inexperienced, there’s already people doing that. You go where responsibility is as scarce as oxygen on top of Mt. Everest and begin breathing life and strength and hope into that situation.

The ONE THING for today: There’s no need to take responsibility; there’s enough to go around for everyone.

“Remember, when you were made a leader you weren’t given a crown, you were given a responsibility” _Jack Welch, Winning, p. 72

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