One of the best books I’ve read in a long time

After my first grandchild was born I fell madly in love with that little boy…but I soon discovered that I had no room in my life for him! For years I had failed to factor in a major part of God’s creation–the Sabbath and thus when “the lad” entered into my life all my carefully being-in-control-production-driven plans came crashing down as I as forced to let things go so that I make time for David Lee.

Maybe the best book I’ve read on living a Sabbath life in a 21st century world.

Unfortunately, responsibilities and commitments do not go away just because you’ve got something else you’d rather be doing. Pretty soon trying to balance years of living out of balance ran me into a wall and it all came crashing down. I will forever be grateful for the patience and grace extended to me by the great Fort Mill Church of God (where I pastored at the time) and my family as I sorted it all out.

Looking back, hitting that wall was one of the best moments of my life for it started me on a on journey of learning how to practicing Sabbath in a 21st world. Nine years later I’m still working at it, but I do have room in my life for all five of my grandchildren (Number 6 is due later this year and I’m not sweating–I will be ready!)

All that to say, Koessler’s book may be the very best I’ve read on the subject of Sabbath. (And I’ve read many.)

Truth be known, I am not the only one who struggles with this issue and this book could be a game changer. I recommend it highly.

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