You’re da man! (or woman)

There was a man…, (John 1:6)

The first five verse of John are a philosophical and theological masterpiece that great minds have explored for centuries.  They are John’s “nativity story” of the incarnation.  But immediately and abruptly following is another vital piece of the puzzle in the story of God’s dealings with the human race.  The Apostle simply states: “There was a man…”. 

Eventually all of God’s dealings in the world come down to “a man”.  Actually, “the man” may be a woman (Mary the mother of the Messiah) or shepherds or wise men, or a little lad with a fish and chips happy meal (packed with love by his mom) or fishermen and tax collectors and even a Pharisee or two. 

Bottom line, God is the great Initiator who creates, maintains, and moves the levers of this majestic universe.  But eventually, without fail, the great story of history (His-story) involves individual men and women…and eventually, it comes down to you.

The ONE THING: Never underestimate your place in God’s plan.  You can and are making a difference.  God has been active in our universe from its beginning and will be there on its final day.  But today?  Today it is your turn—you matter, you can make a difference…so Run to Win!

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