Copy Cat or Learn from That?

Keep the difference between following someone and copying someone clear in your mind. 

For example, it is easy to admire and even be in awe of the sleek and artistic beauty of a thoroughbred horse running across a field or the noble and majestic beautify of lion as it roars it’s authority and challenge to potential rivals, but not one time do you ever feel that you should become a thoroughbred horse or lion.

In the same way, you may greatly admire someone and even gladly follow their leadership and example, but you can never be them.  They are a one-of-a-kind person that cannot be duplicated.  Their genetic make-up is unique and their life experiences are unique and cannot be duplicated. 

No matter how much you admire someone and are inspired by them, you cannot be them.  Your best efforts at copying them would only be a poor imitation.  However, the good news is that you are also a special one-of-kind masterpiece made by God.  You would make a pitiful someone else, but you can be a great you!

The ONE THING for today: The wrong question to ask about those you admire is: “How can I be like them?”  The right question is: “What can I learn from them to help me be a better me?”

We all need mentors and models in our live to teach and demonstrate how to live a God-honoring and successful life.  Choose them wisely, but also be wise enough to know the difference between following their example and trying to copy them.

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