A Rubber Ducky Makes all the Difference

Over the years, I must have stayed in a hundred different Hampton Inns and the Hampton Inn in Minot, ND is my favorite.  Why?

It’s obvious, they give me a little rubber duck each time I stay there.  Matter of fact, the first thing Sonja and I do when we check in is to check out what kind of duck, they have left for us.  Each time there is a different one. 

Oh, and they fold one of the towels like a little shirt, and they text me each day I stay there to make sure things are going well, and they have a couple little local snacks they always give us that I can’t get anywhere else.

Bottom line, all decent motels have clean rooms, towels, and comfortable beds; that is what motels are supposed to do.  But the Hampton Inn in Minot, ND has managed to throw in a little seasoning that makes their “cooking” stand out (see my blog from yesterday).  And when I’m staying overnight in Minot, that Hampton Inn is where I hang my hat.   

I know, it doesn’t take a lot to get me excited, does it?  And that’s the good news.  To standout you don’t have to invent the next cutting-edge technology that is going to change the world.  It is the little things that can make a huge difference in making you the go-to in your world.    

The ONE THING for today: Cooking with seasoning” is doing something that makes you stand out from the pack.  It’s doing what you do with such distinction that when people look at the results, they know it was you.  And the good news is, that it can be littlest thing that puts you over the top…something as little as a little rubber ducky. 

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