Cooking with seasoning…

In a recent blog: We don’t do that (read here), I stated:

Whether it is a church, business, family, or person, there are some things that everyone should do in your area of service or existence.

However, if you truly matter (exist for a unique purpose), then there are a few things that only you must do…

…and to allow yourself to become distracted and drained by the muchness of what others are doing is to choose a slow death.



Today I’d like to unpack that idea a bit more by encouraging you to “cook with seasoning.”  Hang with me here, I’ll explain…

Years ago there was a new restaurant that came to my small town that was all the rage.  It was called Duff’s Famous Smorgasbord, and it’s claim to fame was a huge–all you could eat–buffet.

The people flocked there…for a while.  But, long story short, just as quickly as the people came to eat at Duff’s, they just as quickly stopped going to Duff’s to eat.  And then one day we drove by and noticed that the restaurant had closed down.

Turns out, Duffs management confused having a lot of food with having good tasting food.

This happened when I was just a boy, but I still remember one lady saying, “All they do is open a can of corn, warm it, and put it on the buffet.”

In other words, in their effort to appeal to everyone they didn’t season their food and thus ended up not appealing to anyone.

Don’t make that mistake! “Cook with seasoning!” Be memorable, be distinctive, be different–even if some don’t like it. There’s enough people out there who will like your cooking and the results will be loyalty and commitment.

The ONE THING for today: There are a few things about you that are different from the average and there are a few things that you can do better that most. Celebrate those difference and leverage them to the max. Those few differences is your “spice” and that is what makes your “cooking” stand out.


P.S. Of course, there’s an art to using spice–to much or two little and you’ve messed up a good dish. But there’s really only one way to learn that art–just start tossing the spice into the pot, you’ll figure it out.

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