Three things to look for in your pastor’s sermon

(1) Could your pastor’s sermon only be preached in a Christian Church?

• If your pastor’s sermon would not get him or her kicked out of a Muslim Mosque, Jewish Synagogue, Buddhist Temple or any other non-Christian religious or secular venue then you didn’t get a Christian message.

(2) Did your pastor’s sermon call you to specific action?

• If your pastor’s sermon did not call you to specific and measurable action then you probably wasted your time.  Preaching is not about informing you and entertaining you, it is about changing you.

(3) Did your pastor’s sermon make you feel loved and treasured by God?

• Whatever your pastor preached on, if you did not leave feeling loved and treasured by God then God was not represented accurately.  Never forget, no matter what, God loves you and cares for you.  That is why he anoints and calls shepherds–to tell you that and show you that.


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