It Really Is A Big Deal

Ed Brewer is one of my favorite bloggers. He is a master craftsman with words and always makes me think. This blog is no exception as it addresses a crucial issue for all serious Christians.

Ed Brewer

We’ve all dealt with it.  You know the attitude.  “I don’t have to go to Church to be a Christian”, they say.  “God knows my heart” or, as one songwriter suggested “…me and Jesus, we got our own thing going”.  As frustrating as that is to anyone who knows anything about relationship dynamics at any level, it is doubly so when you consider the consequences of such clearly mistaken thinking.  The simple truth is that there is absolutely NO precedent in the scripture, Old Testament or New, for abandoning or neglecting the fundamental mechanism of discipleship and authentic Christian living — that of community.  Wait….wait….before you bring up the ‘alternative’ ways of ‘connecting’ – social media, the internet (or TV/radio for us fossils), please note the lack of precedent for depending on such as a replacement for authentic ‘koinonia’ – that deep fellowship that comes from deep…

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