People are a pain!

Pastor, one of the most important things to reconcile in your mind is that people are a pain and they are going to be a pain until God calls us all home.

Matter of fact, you are a pain sometimes (just ask your wife).

The reason people are a pain is that they are broken. Remember, as Christians, we are saved (salvation), being saved (sanctification), and will eventually be saved (glorification).

So, truth be known, you are going to be working with broken people till the day God calls you (or them) home. Your job, as a pastor, is not to “fix” people, only God can do that. So don’t waste precious energy fretting about why people behave the way they do. Now you know, they’re broken.

What you can do is thank God that they are not as broken as they used to be, and by God’s enabling grace, you can make something beautiful out of the broken pieces.

On your praise team will be people “in process”, still struggling with life but praising God anyway. Teaching your classes will be teachers “in process” teaching people the process. Your children and youth workers will sometimes act like the ones they’re leading (and your elders will too!).

What makes it all bearable is that you know God called you to shepherd these dear broken people and you love them.

Like Jesus, who patiently poured into his broken disciples—refereeing their arguments, calming their fears, explaining the ways of the Kingdom—you too must pour yourself into your people. Remember, the way to grow to love people is act like you love them (love is a decision, not a feeling).

So, bottom line, all people can be (and will sometimes be) a pain. Consider it job security, and get in there and do a good job! 😊


John 15:13 (NKJV)
Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.


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