Cooking & Pastoring with Love

My fellow Shepherds, our schedule is to guide us not trap us.

We must always be willing to lay our schedules and to-do lists down and stop a while to just “sit by the well” or stop on the road from Jericho to minister to someone Jesus has put into our lives that we were not expecting.

We know this, but it is oh so hard some times when our busy schedule is pressing in on us.

It helps to let go when we remember that “our” Church really belongs to Jesus. He can handle things while we are taking care of one of his planned off-the-schedule-assignments that he has given us

  • The ONE THING for today: Schedules are like recipes—guidelines to help us stay on track; but they are not Commandments that must not be broken. Like “mama’s cooking,” you will do some of your best pastoring when you ignore the recipe a little and cook with love.


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