Informed Passion

John 11:27 (NKJV) She said to Him, “Yes, Lord, I believe that You are the Christ, the Son of God, who is to come into the world.”


I must say, I’m impressed with Martha.  We are quick to give kudos to Mary who seemed to always be the one sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to His teachings.  But Martha must have heard more than we thought as she was hustling and bustling around trying to be a good hostess.

“How do I come to this conclusion?”, I hear you ask.  Simple, read the above verse (John 11:27).  Martha’s response to Jesus’ question concerning her belief in him sounds like a creedal statement.

  • First she says, “I believe you are the Christ (the Messiah) – a huge leap of faith for a Jew.
  • Second she says, “I believe you are the Son of God (divine) – another huge leap!  (When is the last time you’ve suspected someone you personally knew was divine?)
  • Third, she states, “I believe you are “Immanuel” (God with us) as predicted by the prophet.  (When was the last time you knew beyond a shadow of doubt that you were witnessing the certain fulfillment of Biblical prophecy?)

Keep in mind that this was before the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus and before the Day of Pentecost.  Pretty impressive, huh?

So here’s the point: What do you believe about Jesus?

Can you state your belief clearly, succinctly while under pressure?

The reason this matters so much is that what you believe informs and guides your feelings and actions.

For example, there are occasional moments that my wife Sonja really gets under my skin.  But because I known her so well (married 38 years) there are certain absolutes that I have come to believe about her: she loves me, she would do nothing to hurt or harm me, she has my best interest at heart, etc.  Thus, when Sonja is having “one of those moments” and my emotions are guiding me to be impatient I remind myself of what I really know about Sonja.  In other words, my solid beliefs overrule my temporary emotions and circumstances.

The same is true in our relationship with Jesus.  The clearer we are on what we believe about Him the more our beliefs (faith) will guide us in times of trouble.

The bottom line is this: your ability to live victorious is no better than what you truly know about Jesus Christ.

  • The ONE THING for today: What do you believe about Jesus Christ?  I’m not asking what you believe because of what others say about him (there’s a place for that), but what do you truly believe about Jesus because you have personally come to that point through your personal relationship with Him?  


1 Corinthians 15:57 (NKJV)

But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.



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