Brick-layers who want to teach

161008-bricks_pileOnce a simple bricklayer, who had been a pew warmer his whole life, was asked to help keep discipline in the back of the room in a church in Indianapolis.

As this bricklayer tried to keep the boys quiet, he bluntly told the teacher, “No wonder the boys cut up-the lesson is boring!”

Next week the bricklayer told the Bible story, using the rough English of a construction worker.   The boys sat transfixed.  When the junior girls heard about his storytelling ability, he was asked to speak in opening assembly, telling both boys and girls the Bible story.  He became so comfortable in front of a group that he ended up speaking to the whole Sunday School – and over 1,000 people were in attendance!

The leadership ability he developed in Sunday School spilled over into his job.

His Sunday School confidence motivated him to begin his own construction firm.  First 1 house, then 3, next 14, and finally he ended up building a subdivision of homes.  He testified, “I’d still be a common bricklayer if Sunday School leadership hadn’t pushed me to think big, plan big, and put a lot of people to work.”

Does it pay to train bricklayers to be leaders?  His pastor showed me a photocopy of a tithe check the bricklayer gave to the church after his company completed work on a federal building in Washington, D.C.  It was written in the amount of $252,000!

Source: Elmer L. Towns & Stan Toler, What Every Pastor Should Know About Sunday School, p.46

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