How dare you?


You and I are always just one idea away from the next breakthrough in our lives. I live by this mantra and am always looking/listening for that next “one thing”.

Well today I am going to give you two quotations that I recently heard/read and jotted down.  Put together, they will give you a great breakthrough idea.

The first quotation is: “I’m not reckless but I am adventurous.”  _Timothy Hill, General Overseer of the Church of God

The second is: “There are no easy solutions, no simple answers…Life is a struggle…especially for honest people of faith.”  (J. David Stephens, Assistant General Overseer of the Church of God)

Between these two quotations you have the formula to crank your life up and dare to accomplish something.

Most often when you hear the phrase, “How dare you?” they are spoken to stop your momentum, but not from me. Matter of fact, I am using them to challenge you to dare to do something significant.

You must dare to exert yourself if you truly want to experience life. There truly are no easy solutions or simple answers. If you are waiting for the easy answer or solution then you will be waiting your entire life.

Whether you were born with the proverbial silver spoon in your mouth or you were born into abject poverty—if you do not have the gumption to get up and be adventurous, life will pass you by.

How dare you?

Dare to articulate your dreams—nothing happens until it is spoken.

How dare you?

Dare to exert yourself (take action); do something even if it fails—every failure puts you one stop closer to the solution.

How dare you?

Give your life away to something that truly matters—the moment you stop making your life about living in the comfort zone is the moment you start moving into the winner’s circle.

  • The ONE THING for today: I dare you to commit (recommit) to the great struggle and adventure of a life that truly matters–today’s your day.


There once lived a man who never risked.

He never tried

He never laughed,

He never cried.

Then one day – when he passed away,

His insurance was denied.

They said since he never really lived,

Then he never really died!


(Don’t be this guy!)




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2 thoughts on “How dare you?

  1. Love you, David. Your heart is so pure before God, and it comes through to me, loud and clear. Your thoughts are a great help to me today. I’m struggling with confusion. My husband left me well provided for. That’s not an issue. How to “giddy-up”and go alone is. Keep me in your prayers. God bless you, your family, and your work.


    1. Good morning Judy, it was so good to hear from you. I do send my love and prayers. God has a reason for you being here; you are a very talented and gifted lady in your on right. I’ve got to believe that great days are ahead for you.


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