You Gotta Give up to Go up

If you do not learn to travel light the day will come that the time you spend on maintaining and maintenance will eat up most of your time and your life will ground to a halt.

 40-days of fasting is about permanent change; it is about helping you travel lighter.

Remember, every commitment you make has to be maintained. Whether it is a commitment to your marriage, a friendship, exercise, reading your Bible through in a year or to watch all the episodes of the Andy Griffith show, the moment you make those commitments you have to maintain them if you hope to achieve your commitment.

Here’s the rub, it is possible to become committed to so many things (even good things) that any progress you hope to make in your life grinds to a halt simply because of the time required to maintain all your current commitments. Juggling-work-on-unicycle

I suspect your time with God over these last 39-days has revealed to you some commitments you need to make to God, yourself and to others. However, if you do not make plans to drop some of your pre-40-days habits and routines you will be doomed to fail.

Prayerfully do your homework. Don’t go into your post-40-days without an intentional plan of the permanent changes you are going to make.

  • Prayer: Father God, help me to travel light. Give me the wisdom to make wise “pruning choices” so that I can live a more fruitful and healthy life.


“Success in life is pretty much determined by one’s ability to stop what he ought to stop and to start what he ought to start.”

Charles L. Allen, Healing Words


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