Day 4/40-day: Fasting to get full

Our appetites tell us a lot about ourselves.  Fasting is a great diagnostic tool to help us interpret the data.

For example, go a day without food and you will find yourself craving one of your favorite foods–perhaps your favorite gourmet burger, you will be able to almost taste it.

However, go a week without food and any burger will do.

Go a month without food and shoe leather between two pieces of moldy bread begins to look good.

Now reverse the pattern…

Allow yourself the indulgence of a burger once a month and almost any burger tastes good.

Allow yourself the indulgence of a burger once a week and you start getting a little more selective.

Eat a burger everyday and you will find yourself only being satisfied by the very best.

The same is true in our consumption of the word.  When you find someone who delights in feeding on the Word of God and spending time with God in their private devotions it is not because they are starving for the Word, it is because they are well fed on the Word.

On the other hand, the casual “starving” Christian is happy to gobble down a quick verse here or there, a Sunday service or two each month works fine for them and grabbing a couple catchy praise songs in the car while commuting to their next destination can be pretty inspirational.

Bottom line, this season of fasting is not just about giving up things; it must be about picking up things–fasting to get full.  Fasting lesser things so you can feast on the best things.  Spending so much time with God that you become satiated, becoming a picky, being satisfied only with the very best gourmet spiritual food.

  • Prayer: Oh God, I am sorry for how little of your word I have consumed, for how little of your presence is required to satisfy me.  I have filled the craving in my soul for You with lesser things.  I have filled my life with little idols (work, screen time, sports, hobbies, endless activities) which are gobbling up my time and focus, leaving little time or desire for you.  This must stop!  I will fast lesser things so that I can have time to feast on you.  When I come through this 40-day season I must be full and overflowing with your presence and your word in my life.  This I commit to do.


Psalm 1:2 (NLT)

But they delight in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night.

160105 Day 4


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