The Fort Mill Christmas Parade Messed up My Work Schedule…

(Note: This blog was originally posted in 2012 and was influenced by not having enough time to prepare a “real” blog due to a grandchild calling.  Well the same thing has happened today; my sweet “Princess” Ella is calling and I must go see her.  Maybe in this busy Christmas season there is someone calling that is more important than all the “busy stuff” that is pressing in on you today as well.  This I know, time flies and the opportunity of a lifetime does not last for a life time.  When seizing the day make sure you’re seizing the right things.)


This morning the phone rang and on the other ends was a little voice that I have trouble saying “no” to; it was my grandson, David Lee.  He called to invite me to go with him to the Christmas parade.  What is a papa to do?68803_10151549075203312_1757145529_n

I remembered that today’s potential happiness is currency that must be spent today.  It can’t be saved in a piggy bank or in a savings account.  It cannot be saved until a better or more convenient time.  It must be sown and reaped today.

So, something had to go undone in order to enjoy today’s happiness.  One of the things that had to go was preparing today’s blog.  Sorry…but not really.  For my grandchildren have taught me another thing, I must “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” _Robert Brault (From Sonja’s August 11, 2007 journal entry)

We’ll pick back up on Monday…that is if one of the grandchildren doesn’t call.

By the way, the parade was great!  Go Fort Mill!!!


4 thoughts on “The Fort Mill Christmas Parade Messed up My Work Schedule…

  1. Funny, did the same for me. I decided last night to run that way actually targeting your area for a turn around point. Got to downtown and ran the parade route as people were lining up. Was hoping I had enough time to let the parade get going but it was not to be, when I came back there was Santa waiting on me so I had to run through the parade crowd. Anyone that might have noticed an idiot in yellow running around, sorry 😉


  2. Thank you Pastor Kemp this blog was perfect I do not think you could have prepared a better one. This to me shows the perfect pattern to life God first than family and everything else will fall into its perfect place.


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