Those strange noises

If you hear a strange knocking noise while your car engine is running you know that is a clue something may be wrong with your car’s performance.

If while washing a load of cloths your washing machine starts make a horrible bumping noise and begins to wobble across the floor toward you, you know it’s time to jump up and make some adjustments.

If you smell smoke, hear an alarm and see people running for the exits you’ve got a pretty good idea there’s a fire in the building and will probably want to join the others outside.

In the same way, when stress and anxiety comes into your life don’t ignore it or just medicate it—face it; that stress and anxiety is telling you something.  The quicker you translate what they are saying the quicker you can make improvements.

  • The ONE THING for today: Life is always going to include stress and anxiety; make them your friend and counselors by figuring out what they are telling you.

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