Compliance is not cooperation.

You must not confuse compliance with cooperation.

Cooperation is a “co-operation” — two or more people working together on their (plural) operation/project/task/mission).

People may comply with the policies and procedures. People may do what you tell them to, but they will never buy-in, go the second mile and share in your hopes and dreams until they believe you care more about them than the principle/project/program.

Or put another way, they will not buy in until they trust you and they’ll never trust you until you take the time to connect by investing in their lives-their hopes and dreams.

And as a side note (and much more important issue), you will never pass on your faith and values to those you love with an edict.

For example, do not confuse the fact that your children may be currently complying to the “house rules” as a sign they share your faith and values. It may simply be that it is easier to comply that have you riding them all the time, but the day will come when they will be out from under your direct supervision and if you have not won their heart then nothing you beat into their head will matter—they will go with what they heart tells them.

  • The ONE THING for today: Connect with people before asking them to cooperate with you.

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