Life fuel

Have you ever observed a person who you thought was a solid and stable person suddenly crash and burn and wondered how it happened?

Or maybe it was a married couple who seemed to be doing fine and then one day you hear they have divorced.

How do these things happen?

Answer: Often it is because they didn’t have enough “life-fuel” to manage the longer and more stressful flight plans that were thrust upon them.

When you make your “flight plans” make sure to factor in the unexpected storms and stresses of life.

It’s not that difficult to make it through life when things go as expected but it is the sudden tragedy, sickness, lay-off, or other I-didn’t-see-that-coming events (and they will come) that tell the tale.

Here’s a short list of “fuels” you need to be more than ready for the unexpected storms and stresses of life:

  • God fuel (keep a huge daily surplus of this high-octane fuel \\ it will be the one that gets you through the unexpected the best \\ don’t wait until you need God to call on God!)
  • “Sabbath fuel” (make time for rest, fun, and re-creation \\ it’s OK to not work and be “productive” every moment of your life)
  • Friend fuel (you are not meant to travel through life alone; true friends invest in you and fill your tank with fuel \\ be intentional to keep these friendships strong; don’t wait till you need a close friend to start looking for one \\ and by the way, if you are married, it is perfectly OK for your spouse to be your best friend)

 The ONE THING for today:

It is your responsibility to keep more than enough fuel available at all times to ensure you will have enough fuel to complete your planned (and unplanned) flight plans.

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