Out of Balance

There’s not a person I know that has not gotten out of balance with their essential priorities from time to time.

There are times in our lives when we have to just ride the rapids and get through a busy and hectic season that takes us away from those we love and that which we treasure.

However, it is one thing to go a few days or even a couple of weeks being out of balance with your priorities but it is an entirely different thing to go months ignoring those you claim to love and neglecting that which you espouse to treasure.

There comes a tipping point when you’ve made a crucial decision and statement about what you truly value most in life.  And those you claim to love and care for know it.

  • The ONE THING for today: Examine how you are spending your time; does it reflect who and what you say you truly love and value or you fooling yourself?  Trust me, you’re not fooling God and those closest to you.

One thought on “Out of Balance

  1. Dear Paster Kemp, Thank you for your insightful and encouraging blog. Brad and I are valuing each other by spending time together at the Grove Park Inn, yesterday and part of today. Yesterday was our 42nd anniversary. Now we are on our 43rd year, day one! 😮 God has been so good to us! We give Him glory and want our lives, individually and as a couple, to continue to honor Him! Love and Blessings, Claudia

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