The ONE THING for today

Image Control

Monitor carefully the time you spend on image control.

We all thank you for taking the time to comb your hair, brush your teeth and “fix up” before leaving the house. But there comes a time that worrying about your appearance crosses over into something unhealthy.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures you put on your Facebook page but there comes a moment of diminishing returns on all the time you’re spending on managing that monster we call Facebook.images

These are just a couple of examples; the real issue is something far deeper.

Putting your best foot forward is one thing but choosing the direction of your life because of other people’s opinion of you is another.

Whether it is Facebook or a face lift, there comes a time that you determine to be at peace with the real you and if people don’t like the real you, that’s their problem.

Be the best “real” you that you can be. Be the most godly “real” you that you can be.

But the ONE THING for today is this: Be you and let the rest of us just have to deal with it.


2 thoughts on “Image Control

  1. I do appreciate this one (weill, I like all of them) but this one…well, it takes the cake. This is one of the things that folks have the most problem with..especially in the church. All your life you are taught to be “good” and do the right thing and all the while you are struggling to do it, not realizing that you can’t…He (Jesus) has to do it in you. You try to be perfect and the stress of it all, well, it knocks the wind right out of you. I am learning this lesson…one baby step at a time and as I learn it, I teach it to my children. Thank you and God bless.

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