A Mid-day Moment

Turning Work into Worship

“There are men who say that the voice of the pulpit should never be heard in the marketplace. They forget that they could not move a muscle but for the grace of God, nor could they originate or apply an idea but for the mercy of heaven. Let us hold, in opposition to this atheistic commerce, that every ledger should be a Bible, true as if written by the finger of God. Every place of business should be made sacred by the presence of righteousness, verity, honor, and justice. The man who can be atheistic in business could be atheistic in heaven itself. The man who never turns his warehouse into a church can hardly fail to turn the church into a warehouse.”

_Joseph Parker (1830-1902), Classic Sermons on Stewardship, 97

Joseph Parker (1830-1902)

Joseph Parker (1830-1902)

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