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Cheesy Christians

  • “He was a good man in the worst sense of the term.” _Mark Twain

“Mark Twain” (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) was a scoundrel and rascal as well as a talented author and humorist. Bottom line, he was a typical sinner—the type that keeps the law (for the most part), has good manners, does good deeds, loves their family, works hard, and can even be religious.

You know the type; this describes many of the people you interact with everyday.

“Mark Twain” gives us a glimpse into how many non-Christians think about Christians.

There are two ways that Christians can be “over the top” and turn the average “Mark Twain” off by being good in the “worst sense of the term.”

The first group is the “Cheesy Christians.”

"Mark Twain"

“Mark Twain”

“Cheesy Christians” are those Christians that are so sickeningly sweet that they turn off most Christians as well. They never have a bad day. They greet you with a fake “I-love-Jesus-more-than-you-do-you-poor-underling” smile. They have a direct pipeline to God who is always saving parking spaces for them and helping them to get in the front of the line and who helps them to never be sick, sad, or sour (unless you catch them when they don’t know you’re looking).

They’re members of the Heaven “Platinum Club” and thus get preferential treatment while the rest of us average Christians only get to walk on streets of gold someday—probably to go stand outside the Cheesy Christian’s huge mansions and wish we could be like them. (OK, perhaps I’ve overdone it a bit here, but you get the point.)

Then there are the Christians that go to the other extreme—they’re good in the worst sense of the term by never smiling, never sinning, and never hanging around with people who do.

Every time you’re around them you feel guilty and are reminded by their obvious “holiness” of just how much you’re coming up short. And if you are the dense type and can’t get the hint—they’ll gladly rebuke you and preach you a little sermon (and they’ll do this anywhere and at anytime).

We all know people like this. But here’s the key—you must not be one of them. Just be a “normal” Christian.

“What’s a normal Christian”, you ask?

The short answer is this: Normal Christians are walking away from their sin and toward Jesus Christ. Sometimes they slip and even slide back, but they get up and get back in the race–running toward Jesus Christ.

Normal Christians are humble; they know but for the grace of God they would be in far worse condition than most of the sinners they know. Normal Christians will stand for Jesus Christ in all things but they will never step on others while doing it.

Normal Christians are bridge builders. They don’t look down on sinners, they reach out to them.

Normal Christians are…well, probably a lot like you.

God bless you; you’re doing more good than you’ll ever know.

I know you are not a “Cheesy Christian” because I would have hurt your feelings and you’d be gagging on the dose of reality I fed you and would have stopped reading this blog already.

And those “holy Christians” would never read this blog in the first place; so now you know how I came to the conclusion you are a “normal” Christian.

Just call me “Sherlock” (in the best sense of the term)


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