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Tiptoeing into success

The story goes that while visiting in a small village Mikhail Gorbachev (former leader of the U.S.S.R.) was asked by one of the villagers whether Communism had been invented by a politician or a scientist. Gorbachev replied that he was not sure, but thought it was a politician. ‘That explains it’, said the villager. “If it had been a scientist he would have tried it on mice first.”

That wise villager can teach us all a thing or two about risk. Most people look at the potential return and fail to take the time to calculate the potential loss.

A young woman believes she can change him // but what if she can’t—would he still be worth marrying?

Someone gets an unexpected windfall and decides to buy that car they have always wanted. Ten years later the car is worn out and worth almost nothing. On the other hand, if that windfall had been put in proven investments its value would have doubled. So was it worth it? That is a question that must be answered before you buy the car not ten years later.

A person is gripped by conviction and knows they should surrender their life to Jesus Christ but decide to wait until a later time—but what if death comes before that later time; is it worth it?

Life is full of risk. The rewards could be great but the losses could be greater.

Might better try that idea out on “mice” first.

Tiptoeing into success is still success.  Crash landing into hell will not make you a hero.

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