The ONE THING for today

“Soul Food”

  • Bible Reading: Genesis 25:63 // Proverbs 2:1-9 // Mark 1:35

Genesis 25 records one of the great love stories of the Bible (how Isaac and Rebekah came to be husband and wife).

One of the questions a man or a woman ought to ask before marrying someone is: “Do they meditate.”

So many people’s lives are surface; they flit from one activity to the other. Their senses are fed constantly on shallow pleasures and cheap thrills while their soul is starving for something substantial and life-giving.

You may have fun with a shallow person but you will have difficulty building a life with them.

But hey, enough about others—what about you? Do you ever meditate? Do you ever slow down and really think? Do deep founts of wisdom flow from your life?

The ONE THING for today is this: It is impossible to truly be a growing, thriving, and maturing Christian without spending time alone with God.

Prayer: Use Psalm 139 as your prayer guide today; prayerfully read through it making notes in your journal as you go along.

The Power of Caring: Banter, joking, causal conversation—anyone can to do that and most do. Ask the Holy Spirit to “give you a word” for someone today; a word of wisdom (“soul food”) and make a point of sharing this with them.



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